clay-mation style campaign for ECDA Singapore

This beautiful and poignant 60” 3D animated film was created by the Cirkus team using a whimsical 3D clay-mation style.  We follow a young girl’s journey from her childhood dream of being a teacher to eventually following her passion and her dreams.

This was a complex story to be told in a short space of time – and without the use of any dialogue.  A huge amount of detailed work went into creating all the various scenes – including a lovingly created cat, goldfish and other kids and characters. 

The original orchestral musical score works with the animation to build the emotional arc of the story and develops along with our lead character’s magical journey to the classroom.

Check out the behind the scenes video as well below to see how this delightful project was made.

Cirkus –

Animation Director: Christian Greet
2D Design and storyboarding: Amber Edwards
3D Modelling & Texturing: James Turnbull, Joanna Szczepanska, Tarun Vissamsetti
Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo Liu 
Lighting & Rendering: Christian Greet
Compositing: Christian Greet, Audee Halim
Music & Sound:  Marshall Smith & Tom Fox
Producer:  Audee Halim / Marshall Smith

Agency : Ogilvy Singapore

Creative Director : Troy Lim
Associate CD : Tan Ziwei
Art Director : Andrew Teo
Copywriter : Chun Sim
Agency Producer : Josephine Pang
Project Director : Joanne Ang
Associate : Sheryl Seah