Jack of all Trades in: "The Butcher"

Human Cannonball Romain Borrel and his small army of animators have certainly been hard at work on the Jack of All Trades series.

Cirkus proudly presents Episode 2 “The Butcher” with Jack having some issues with a feisty rabbit!

Even with “The Butcher” completed, the work on the greatest show on-line and elsewhere does not stop here; “The Zookeeper” & “The Postman” are almost finished and ready to be released, and we have more of Jack’s wild adventures and promo material currently in production. Kickstarter, here we come!

If you haven’t seen Episode 1 “The Carpenter” yet, watch it here.
And if you would like any more info on Jack, please e-mail Marko Klijn at ringmaster@cirkus.co.nz.

A round of applause for –
Director: Romain Borrel
Character Animation: Priyan Jayamaha, Glen Christie, Tim Liu, Ty Jepsen, Laurent Gillot, Claire Courtois
Producer: Marko Klijn
Sound & Music: Marshall Smith, Tom Fox @ The Soundroom
Special Thanks: The Cirkus Team, Marko Klijn, Christian Greet, Chris Lyne, Kate Goodwin, Alexandre Cazals, Vincent Tonelli, Arnaud Janvier, Antoine Robert, Ludovic Habbas, Jenny Lee & Chisato Iwamura.

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