Raydar came to us with a lovely 30” TVC script for Deoleo to promote the world famous Lupi olive oil. We executed this script by creating a handcrafted animated film that reflects on this unique, artisan brand.
Using a mixture of 3D and 2D animation, we follow the journey of Lupi from its origins in Italy during the 1800s all the way to modern day New Zealand via the roots of an olive tree. The roots reach down into the soil, creating a picture of Lupi as it was first pressed by creator Giuseppe Lupi in 1880; we see the oil being bottled and then shipped off across the ocean to reach New Zealand; and we round off the spot with a very Kiwi scene – a family enjoying a barbeque by the beach.

To establish the painterly feel of the film, all of the characters and environments were first illustrated and textured by the team. This allowed us to agree on a look for the film moving forward.

The Lupi characters were then created and animated in 3D, whilst the transitions from scene to scene were animated in 2D. This really was a labour of love as to create the hand illustrated feel, our team of designers and illustrators were required to draw over each frame of the 30” film.
New Zealand friends, you may also catch the spot on TVNZ 1 over the holiday period. And be sure to keep an eye out at your supermarket, as Lupi bottles will have a lovely little neck tag that features some of our artwork.

Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Design: Rebecca Tan, Anna Lee
Illustration: Rebecca Tan, Anna Lee, Jasmin Ng, Christina Jiang, Minnie Zhou
Modelling & Texturing: Romain Borrel
2D Animation: Ty Jepsen
3D Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo (Tim) Liu
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Audio: The Sound Room
Voiceover: Amy Bowie
Voiceover Recording: Susannah Kenton

Agency: Raydar
Creative Team: Aaron Taylor, Joy Li
Account Management: Brett Spero, Rosanna Tozer

Client: Deoleo

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