Ringmaster Marko Klijn will be pitching up the bigtop once again in sunny Pattaya, Thailand for Adfest 2018.

In this year’s seminar Marko will showcase that 3D Animation has come a long way in looking exactly like the Real Thing. Do you think you can tell the difference between what’s computer generated and what’s real? He’ll put your eyes to the test!

He will show how, instead of striving for “perfection”, actually adding imperfections to 3D models and textures allows for CGI to feel real and tactile. He will also examine the other ways of achieving such realism – for example, combining miniatures or live action backgrounds with CGI – that create Work that ultimately helps Brand attain a friendly and unique face.
If you’re interested in how Digital Handcrafting can make a visual with real presence, this session will show you. Quite often, it’s surprisingly easy!

We look forward to meeting you there!

When: Wednesday 21 March 2018 @ 10.45am
Where: ADFEST 2018

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