Cirkus and Chemistry seamlessly moves APX by ‘feetwheel’!

We teamed up with local agency Chemistry Interaction to produce this bright and colourful 90” spot for APX Travel Management.

With Juggler Christian Greet at the helm, the Cirkus troupe created a film that follows our Traveller on a business trip full of ups and downs.

There was a lot of information to convey, so we kept it simple across the board to stay within budget and the timeframe. We limited the animation required by not having arms on the traveller and move it around by means of a brand new attraction” the feetwheel. Other “human” characters also had similar features to ensure that we were able to still get them moving around, gesturing, etc., but with minimal animation.

For each environment, we used graphics and illustrations on the back wall as well as a few set props. This made it clear where the Traveller was at any given time without requiring a fully fleshed out environment to be built for each part of his journey.

The friendly APX Bot – who also consisted of a few, simple parts – plays a big role. It helps our Traveller along the way, and is a representation of the technology and service provided by APX to its customers. You see the Bot calling a taxi for our Traveller, rebooking flights, changing hotels and most importantly keeping things simple for the Traveller’s employees.

To keep things also visually interesting, we used a variety of camera moves to take us on the journey with the Traveller and APX Bot.

Happy travels!

Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Christian Greet
Storyboarding, Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan
Modelling & Texturing: Sam Wheldon, Ajinkya Rajbhoj
3D Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo (Tim) Liu
Lighting & Rendering: Sam Wheldon
Producer: Marko Klijn
Agency: Chemistry Interaction

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