CSA: Go Safe Online

CSA: Go Safe Online

Cirkus wrangles dodgy phones for Hogarth & CSA!

Hogarth Singapore commissioned us to create a series of cute, 3D animated spots for CSA Singapore’s Go Safe Online Campaign.

Four short and sharp 20” spots together with a series of print stills show how our mobile phone characters get themselves in a whole heap of trouble. They have been way too risky with their online antics. making themselves vulnerable for Phishing, Malware, Viruses and Password lockouts!

Do watch out for the awesome, featured performances of some viruses and a laptop monster!

Agency: Hogarth Singapore 
ECD – Shayne Pooley
Head of Copy – Nicholas Cocks
Art Director – Yi Ling Lui
Producer – Sharon Leong 
Business Director – Phuc Nguyen (Ogilvy Singapore)
Account Manager – Beatrice Tan (Ogilvy Singapore)
Account Executive – Jasmine Chong (Ogilvy Singapore)
Strategy Director – Frederick Tong (Ogilvy Singapore)
Strategist – Matilda Goh (Ogilvy Singapore)

Cirkus –
Animation Direction & Layout – Juggler Christian Greet
Storyboarding – Emma Southey-Ray
3D (Modelling, Texturing, Rendering) – James Turnbull, Nicole Wong, Anouk Segura-Diaz, Guillaume Heussler, Joanna Szczepanska
Rigging – Chris Lyne
Animation – Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo (Tim) Liu, Susana Covo Perez
Producer – Puteri Raja Ariff, Viktoria Fortune

Music & Sound Design: The Sound Room

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