Ayala Malls

Ayala Malls

Cirkus stages small moments for Ayala Malls

MRM McCann and Film Pabrika briefed us to create the timeless magic that can be experienced when visiting one of the many Ayala Malls. Yes – “Mall Life” is a thing in the Philippines and Ayala offers up so much that friends and family alike spend much of their free time in these well appointed shopping centres.

The Cirkus team set out to create an amazing world suspended in time, building a miniature set featuring scenes that are reminiscent of moments experienced at Ayala Malls. The film shows the small but valuable moments in life like watching a movie, a walk in the park and enjoying wonderful music. The intimate, tactile miniatures and setting help capture the innocence of these seemingly simple propositions.

And there’s a Christmas film too!

The whole set is created by hand but for some CGI set extensions and floating elements. The miniature characters, while they are indeed physical models placed in situ for filming, also went through a CGI process to get where they are. Models, dressed in the clothes you see on the characters, were 3D scanned to create CGI models. These CGI versions of our human talent were then modified to ensure they had Filipino features (with some wardrobe adjustments as required) before being sent off to the printers.

Watch our ‘making of’ film for all to be revealed!

Curtains up for:
Production – Cirkus
Director: Christian Greet
3D Modelling & Texturing: Kevin Beckers, Remy Dupont, Joanna Szczepanska, James Baldwin
Modelmaking & Set Building: Norman Yeend, Warren Barnard, Joon Seok Yoon, Wei Kit Yoon, Emma Southey-Ray, Abbey Cowan, Darya Krasnoselska. James Baldwin
Filming: Christian Greet, Joon Seok Yoon, Wei Kit Yoon
Post Production / Compositing: Oliver Faldo, James Turnbull, Chris Lyne, Jake Tuck, Romain Borrel, Joon Seok Yoon, Emma Southey-Ray, Wei Kit Yoon, Yilin Wang, Pix Rock VFX
Making Of: Joon Seok Yoon, Dan Lutterman
Producer: Viktoria Fortune, Puteri Raja Ariff
Executive Producer: Marko Klijn

Special thanks to the team who helped us pull together the 3D printed models – 3dfy.me (scanning, model prep) & Victoria University (printing), Amanda Jane Robinson (wardrobe buyer/stand-by) and our wonderful talent (Jenny Craig, Lucia Greet, Tess Bos, Bo Klijn, Marshall Smith, Emma Southey-Ray and Elvis Murnane).

Production (Philippines) – Film Pabrika
Director: Joel Limchoc
Executive Producer: Jing Lopez
Line Producer: Lei Villena

Agency – MRM//McCann
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Fran Palines
Art Director: Karen Francisco
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Dy
Creative Director: Maan Bautista
Account Management: Rache Rayos, Nannah Labayen, Darrianne Reyes
Chief Experience Officer: Manny Fernando

Producer – Just Add Water
Leo Mercado

Audio – Hit Productions
Arranger: Arnold Buena
Audio Engineers: Topet Concepcion, Eddie Boy Vargas

Advertiser – Ayala Malls
President: Jennylle S. Tupaz
Marketing Director: Eunice Velasco
Digital Marketing Head: Ernest Valencia
Consumer Engagement Marketing Head: Tin Yabao
Digital Marketing Assoc Manager: Joann Sy
Digital Marketing Assoc Manager: Steven Cruz

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