Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered

Cirkus counts money for Standard Chartered’s anti-poaching campaign.

The creative team at TBWA Singapore came to us with an idea to illustrate that poaching activities rely on money for Standard Chartered’s anti-poaching campaign. They wanted to show that when the money stops, the killing stops too. To do this, we ‘counterfeited’ Tanzanian currency – 10,000 shilling notes to be exact, as they feature an elephant on them.

First, we manipulated these notes so that over the course of time as you flip through them (like a classic flipbook!) the elephant disappears. Once printed, we went to our friends at Glory to borrow one of their money counters so we could put our notes through and film it.

We went through a bit of trial and error with this, thanks to the technical aspects of needing to match up the rate of the notes coming through the machine with the frame rate of the camera, and so on and so forth. Settings were changed, strobe lights were used… you can watch the process for yourself in the below ‘making of’ film.

Credits –
Animation Director – Christian Greet
Post Production – Christian Greet, James Turnbull
Producer – Puteri Raja Ariff

Agency –
TBWA Singapore

Special thanks to Superprint, Glory and Chillbox Creative for helping us pull this together!

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