Z Pumped

Z Pumped

Chemistry and Cirkus get Kiwis pumped!

Chemistry came to us with the brief to design and 3D animate ordinary Kiwis reacting to Pumped taking a stand for drivers everywhere.

When fuelling up at Z and Caltex you get more fuel discounts leaving more money in your pockets and more choices through their Airpoints and Flybuys reward systems, as well as the Pumped app.

In this campaign’s series of 15” TVC and online assets (Social Polls and shorter 6” spots for Facebook and Instagram) we see characters created by following a brief to avoid a ‘Pixar’ look to ensure that we’re capturing a variety of everyday New Zealanders. See if you can spot them at your nearest petrol station!


Cirkus –
Animation Direction & Layout: Wrestler James Turnbull
2D Design, Storyboarding & 2D Animatic: Emma Southey-Ray
3D Design & Modelling: James Turnbull
Rigging: Daredevil Chris Lyne, Jake Tuck
Animation: Jester Joon Seok Yoon, Puppet Master Shuo (Tim) Liu, Brenda Casillas, Mikhail Yuguy
Rendering & Composting: Chris Lyne & James Turnbull
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff, Viktoria Fortune

Agency – Chemistry
Creative Directors: Pat Murphy and Susan Young
Senior Art Director: Greg Wylie
Copywriter: Amelia Petrovich
Managing Partner: Penny Wolhuter
Account Director: Craig Harrison
Senior Account Manager: Roshani Mehta
Creative Ninja: Paolo Alinea

Client – Z Energy
Rodney Wallace, Julie Malcolm, Ellie Trotter, Sarah Wong, Charleen Raju, Zoe Renwick-Kay, Ellie Kelman, Alex Coogan-Reeves

Media – MBM

Sound – Liquid

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