Cirkus perform like kids would for ECDA Teachers day.

Hogarth’s Creative Director Jorge Thauby instructed us to animate like kids celebrating Singapore’s teachers’ day.


To support the interviews of children talking about how wonderful their teachers are the Cirkus team set out the illustrate, colour in and 2D animate that in every kids heart a teacher is so much more than just a teacher especially in challenging COVID ridden 2020.



Roll up roll up for the All-Girl powered – 2D aniamation – Cirkus team!

Animation Direction and layout: Emma Ray-Southey

2D design, Storyboarding & 2D Animatic: Emma Southey-Ray, Paige Koedijk

Animation: Paige Koedijk, Annie Lee, Sophia Lopez, Naomi Tjandra, Tia Zhang

Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Production Company – Shooting Gallery

Producer: Chris Loo

Director: Matthys Chris Maryann

Agency – Hogarth Singapore

Producer: Josephine Pang

Creative Director: Jorge Thauby



















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