Comfort Luxury

Comfort Luxury

Kevin Geeves from Societal Singapore came to us with an intriguing brief to create a natural VR world for the launch of the all new Comfort Luxury range.

The challenge at hand was thinking of how to best transform a real world setting into an immersive virtual reality environment where the viewers can search for the new Comfort Luxury bottles.

In true Cirkus style, we wanted to see if we could push the visual just that little bit further and with the support of both Societal & Unilever, we decided a 360° Drone shoot would really enhance the journey aspect of the film.

Naturally we crossed the strait to the mainland to shoot the enchanting locations the brief called for.

Utilising the skills from talented Southerners – Dean Fitzpatrick (photographer, guide and location scout extraordinaire) and the guys from (aerial cinematographer Ben Ruffell and drone pilot Josh Dunn) – we based ourselves in the beautiful Queenstown Lakes District to shoot for a couple of days.

With footage safely back in the office, we stitched and composited the material together to create a series of magical locations. With the addition of CG elements and some charming stock footage, the captivating Comfort Luxury World was born.

Get your viewer out and enjoy!

And remember if you’re viewing this on YouTube, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome are the browsers that support the 360 format!

Director: Christian Greet
D.O.P Ground Footage: Dean Fitzpatrick
D.O.P Aerial Footage: Ben Ruffell
Drone Pilot: Josh Dunn
Animation Team: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Joon Yoon, Matthew Tan, Ty Jepsen, Ashita Mistry, Jonathan Paccou, Rebecca Tan, Stevan Petrovic, Christoph Lendenfeld
Producer: Viktoria Fortune
Tea & Sandwiches: Marko Klijn