Epson Local Businesses “Sweet Success”

Epson, Ogilvy & Cirkus have some sweet success!

To promote Epson’s L-Series Ink Tank Printers, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore created this campaign to establish a link between Epson, the Japanese multinational electronics company,  and the extraordinary tales of small business owners who find success through endurance and persistence.

a drawn supportive couple in the epson commercial "sweet success"


a drawn framed image of a happy couple in the epson commercial "sweet success"


a man walking in an empty warehouse in the epson commercial "sweet success"

Cirkus was commissioned to produce an intimate animated film about, a successful online macaron business. The Cirkus troupe worked their magic and settled on an illustrated 2D aesthetic to tell this story.
Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Christian Greet
Design: Romain Borrel, Anna Lee
Animation: Glen Christie, Fredrik Ueberle, Ty Jepsen, Shuo (Tim) Liu
Producer: Marko Klijn 
Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Team
Creative Team: Airina Imran, David Stevanov
Producer: Cora Chee, Kit Yee Chow
Account Management: Bobee Chua