Never Before Seen, Fierce Lion On a Couch – Leolux

A Dream came true when the creative team from Amsterdam’s Blahblahism  commissioned us to animate a lion jumping onto a Leolux couch. The Leolux Brand has used the lion as its ambassador since the mid 20th century. This campaign embraces the lion and repositions Leolux as the premium furniture maker for the European market in this century.
To visualize that a lion is in each Leolux product, we animated and rendered the spot as a shadow play of a hunting lion.
The team at Blahblahism Amsterdam also took the lion for a walkabout in Amsterdam for outdoor activation, using a projector to cast the animation against empty spaces/walls.
And below are a few pictures of the animation playing in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.
Cirkus Lion Commericial Leolux Couch Amsterdam Capital


Leolux lion commericial in eindhoven tower


Lion Leolux furniture company commercial in Rotterdam the Wow


Agency – Blahblahism:
Creative team: Noortje Verbeek, Huub van Osch
Account management: Karen van Osch
Cirkus –
Animation Director & Layout: Daredevil Chris Lyne
Animation: Jester Joon Seok Yoon
Rendering & Compositing: Daredevil Chris Lyne, Wrestler James Turnbull
Producer: Ringmaster Marko Klijn