Interesting Germy Characters in NSCS Campaign

Cirkus works up to an ex-germi-nation!

Together with Hogarth & Ogilvy Singapore, Cirkus has animated some quirky germ characters to feature in NSCS germs campaign ‘Let’s Stand Together’.

You’ll see this range of germ characters – Tuberculosis, Influenza, Meningitis, Pneumonia and Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease – in 3 short online films, “Germ Roll Call”, “The Roadblock” and “The Free Ride”.
Human Cannonball Romain Borrel directed these funny (and somewhat icky) spots to help prevent the spreading of infectious diseases in the workplace and schools.


stylized lungs for germ campaign

moustache germ looking stern in 3d style

“Germ Briefing” shows just how much germs love their hosts; “The Roadblock” sees Influenza hitting a barrier on their way to infect unsuspecting humans; and “The Free Ride” sees Tuberculosis hitching a ride with a sickly man.
So next time you’re sick, you know what to do to prevent those little boogers from spreading!
Watch the sergeant and his fellow germs go viral!
Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Design: Anna Lee, Benjamin Flouw
Storyboarding: Rebecca Tan, Elayne Chan
Modelling & Texturing: Matthew Tan, James Turnbull
Rigging: Sagar Lonkar
3D Animation: Shuo (Tim) Liu, Ty Jepsen, Karl Davis, Brenda Casillas, John Ram, James Fitzgerald, Stanley Palmer
Rendering: James Turnbull, Jonathan Paccou
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Hogarth & Ogilvy Singapore Team
Executive Creative Director: Shayne Pooley
Head of Art: AikLeng Tan
Head of Copy: Nicholas Cocks
Producer: Kit Yee Chow
Project Manager: Suliana Abdullah, Michael Simpson
Ogilvy Engage, Ogilvy Public Relations, Singapore
Michelle Li
Azwar Ghazali
Liyana Soh
Claudio Chock
XiaoQi Heng