Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic Soup Foundation


Five Seconds and Cirkus Produce a Plastic Baby for the Plastic Soup Foundation’s launch of their ‘Start Plastic Diet’ Campaign.

Cirkus was briefed by Five Seconds to create a realistic and “not so pretty” baby floating in a plastic soup. We 3D modelled and textured the baby to be made out of various plastic items that can be found in our oceans – plastic bottles, six pack holder, rope, etc. This plastic baby is a symbol – if we don’t act right away, we are passing on our plastic waste problems to future generations, literally poisoning them.

This was for the Plastic Soup Foundation’s latest campaign. They are encouraging people to start their plastic diet, as frankly, the scientific evidence is piling up. It’s becoming impossible to ignore, inevitably pointing in the same direction. Plastic is everywhere: plastic particles, nanoplastics and microplastics are in food, drinks (tap water and bottled water) and in the air we breathe. For example, the wear of car tyres emits plastic into our air and our oceans; the washing of synthetic clothing puts microfibers into our water systems and cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara and nail polish also contain forms of plastic. The list goes on and on and on.

Research has found that the chemicals in plastic can cause cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, impotency and even harm babies in the womb.

Says Maria Westerbos, Director and founder of the PSF: “We can all consume less plastic. As individuals. As a family. In business. On a national and international level. At we offer advice and tips so that everyone and every company can cut down on plastic use. By using less plastic bags (obviously). By bringing your own coffee cup to the local takeaway coffee shop. By not chewing gum (it’s full of plastic). Every little bit less plastic helps. Just by thinking about using less plastic will make already a real difference. The plastic diet is a movement. A revolution. The whole world must go on a plastic diet.”

If you feel like supporting the Plastic Soup Foundation’s cause, click here!

Cirkus Team
Direction and layout: Human Cannonball Romain Borrel
3D modeling and texturing/rendering: Wrestler James Turnbull, Courtney White, Matthew Tan
Animation: Puppet Master Shuo Liu and Jester Joon Seok Yoon

Agency – Five Seconds
Creative Director: Paul Falla
Producer: Friso Schoone

Client – Plastic Soup Foundation
Director and Founder: Maria Westerbos