Taking To The Road With Subaru’s new ride

top down shot of 3d Subaru model on field, crowded with sheep

Cirkus takes to the road for this cool new Subaru AWD (all-wheel-drive) campaign for Dentsu New Zealand.

The Cirkus team created 3 fun and visually arresting spots for this online campaign for the internationally-known car brand, Subaru, by combining realistic 3D models and environments with stylised 2D elements in a fresh and intriguing way. Each spot highlights a different feature of the vehicle’s new driver-assisting technology: symmetrical all-wheel drive, eyesight technology, boxer engine. 
The viewer can follow these cool cars on their journeys and watch them being taken through their paces – in a variety of unique and scenic, albeit challenging New Zealand sceneries.  Watch-out for some cool local critters and kiwiana landmarks along the way!
Check out all videos featured on their New Zealand page to find out why Subaru AWD may be the right thing for you! – https://www.subaru.co.nz/why-subaru/capability
(Psst… they’re also right here!)

1. symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

2. eyesight technology

3. Boxer engine

EXTRA! check out what's under cirkus' hood in this behind-the-scenes "making of" video!

Cirkus –
Animation Director: Christian Greet
2D Design and storyboarding: Amber Edwards
3D Modelling & Texturing: James Turnbull, Audee Halim
3D Animation: Joon Seok Yoon
Lighting & Rendering: James Turnbull, Christian Greet, Audee Halim
Compositing: Christian Greet, Audee Halim
Producer:  Audee Halim / Marshall Smith
Agency – Dentsu New Zealand
Creative Director and graphic design : Rob Longuet-Higgins
Production team : Phil Newman and Emilia Robertson-Mccoy