The Magical ride into the Jelly world Of Alpenliebe

Alpenliebe Jelly Adventure alpi and bunny on a raft floating in a river of jelly world

Cirkus creates a magical jelly world for an Alpenliebe campaign for BBH Shanghai & Perfetti Van Melle Worldwide.

Together with agency BBH Shanghai, the Cirkus team was granted the chance to conjure up a magical forest and world for the internationally-reowned-brand Alpenliebe. This spot lures the audience with Alpi and Bunny (beloved Alpenliebe mascots) into the enchanting mysteries of jelly valley.
Riding a raft into the depths of the forest, excited jumping jellies both above and underwater watch our faithful duo traverse the glorious flowing river, culminating into a thrilling plunge over a waterfall.
Alpenliebe Jelly Adventure alpi and bunny on a raft going down a waterfall in a jelly forest
Animation Director: Christian Greet
2D Design and storyboarding: Amber Edwards
Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Anastasiia Diachuk, Amber Edwards
Lighting & Rendering: James Turnbull, Audee Halim, Christian Greet, Edwards
3D Modelling: James Turnbull, Jiapeng Cheng and Amber Edwards
Liquid Simulation: Chris Lyne
Compositing: Emma Southey-Ray
Producer: Janine Mulder / Audee Halim
Agency –
Agency: BBH China Shanghai
Producer: Alicia Zhao
Art Director: Jiayi Kaer
Copywriter: CK Shan
Account Manager: Six Li