The international animation & production company where imagination takes centre stage.

Cirkus is the award-winning Auckland-based animation studio that conjures up amazing stories cast with remarkable characters. We work and collaborate with people and brands from all around the world - domestically and internationally, big and small - and believe aevery job can be crafted to look unique and “not the same" through innovative storytelling, design and mixed-media. Behold below, some of Cirkus Bigtop’s latest and greatest in both the commercial and narrative world (often, at the same time).

Nullaboo Hullabaloo | teaser trailer

The new zealand Cirkus troupe gathers experienced animation directors and artists of the highest calibre.

We use a diverse range of production techniques to create the most exciting and entertaining images imaginable. With 20+ years experience in brand advertising, we know how to adhere to tight deadlines and client approval processes. Curtains up for our portfolio!!

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