Picking Strawberries in the Miniature Alpenliebe Field


Prolific advertising agency BBH Shanghai and sweets connoisseur Perfetti Van Melle commissioned us to build a realistic looking miniature Alpine landscape for Alpi the puppet and the adorable Moo-moo cow characters that front the Alpenliebe brand. The brief called for a stop motion look and animation director, Christian ‘Swiss’ Greet eagerly agreed to get his hands dirty in the creation of a detailed and realistic piece of his homeland out of polystyrene. The water you see in the river is real!
The Puppet and Cows live in this fantastic world, and they will do everything to share the love in order to create a yummy lollipop!
The great thing of working with a real life set is that the CGI can be integrated and made to look realistic – then in comes Joon Seok Yoon to “skip animate” the 3D characters so you end up with something that feels pretty close to a stop motion spot. Also featuring is a product sequence with nice fluid and strawberry animation by Chris Lyne!
See the 'making of' behind-the-scenes video as well, because is there anything more fun to see than adults play with poly, paint and water?!​
Director: Christian Greet
Animation: Joon Seok Yoon & Brett Tunnicliff
Storyboarding & Design: Romane Faure, Anna Lee & Rebecca Tan
3D Modelling: James Turnbull, Rebecca Black & Sam Wheldon
Liquid Simulation and Rendering: Chris Lyne
Set Build: Romane Faure, Merith de Haas, Joon Seon Yook, Romain Borrel
Compositing: Christian Greet & Teresa Sana
DOP: Blair Watkins
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Executive Producer: Marko Klijn
AgencyBartle Bogle Hegarty Shanghai
Producer: Weisian Lee
Creative team: Jeffrey Sun & Strong Zhou