ride Your Bikes in New Zealand with Castrol Power 1

Cirkus and Ogilvy present the grandest ever throttle spectacle for Castrol Power 1!​

How do you feel when you ride?
For Cirkus there’s always Bigger and  Better, so when Ogilvy Singapore briefed the Cirkus troupe to not hold back to show where superior acceleration can take motor bikers we happily obliged.
Ogilvy’s Creative/Art Director Kevin Geeves and Writer Daniel Barrett needed a fun epic viral film as a call to arms for bikers to share their motoring experiences in the Castrol Facebook communities around the world.
They used the authentic approach of capturing the unique “motorbike speak” by interviewing bikers about what they feel when they pull the throttle and accelerate.
The coolest descriptions were turned into a loose script. First off, the Cirkus team headed by Director and Juggler Christian Greet created a 3D animatic which was to be the blueprint of the New Zealand live action shoot.
Ah the wonders of a beautiful winters’ day in Aotearoa created the ideal canvas for the perfect bike ride, with Cirkus shooting the footage out of the choicest camera truck imaginable.
Many thanks to director of photography Andrei Jewell and his Producer/Camera Operator/motor biker talent Gavin Newton, who filmed the Cirkus 3D animatic under Christian’s direction in true guerrilla style. Big thumbs up to Matthew Redmond at Rocket Rentals ex Auckland  for coming to the party with all camera gear and support as well as being camera assist on the 2 days.
Last but not least the team was complemented by Camera Operator Matt Meikle’s showing off his trapeze skills hanging out of Safety officer Dean Lucas’ Land Rover.
For the sceptic kiwi readers out there; yes – there are pies AND prettiness in Huntly! Before heading into town take a left onto the Tahuna – Te Aroha road and be amazed.  On the beautiful Waikato back country roads Honda Pro driver Andrew Stermont put the Honda CBR 500 through its paces driving into a ridiculously beautiful sunset.
Back at the Bigtop it was all hands on deck for the Cirkus team to perform their magic on eehh, well Everything. With this open brief, editing, design and scene layout and animation were constantly evolving. The footage was played with, replaced, rotoscoped, you name it! We ran with it, especially if it required to be beautiful and bizarre.
All these scenes were crafted as a wonderful team effort under Christian’s direction, so big thank you to Daredevil Chris Lyne, Mime Priyan Jayamaha, Firebreather Sandesh Codhadu, Knifethrower Layne Howe, Human Cannonball Romain Borell, Andrew McCully, Kurt Adams, Joon Seok Yoon, Johannes Gugerbauer and Vijay Anand Rajan for burning the midnight oil, staying the course and create this exhilarating ride.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Creative & Art Director: Kevin Geeves
Writer: Daniel Barrett
Executive Producer: James Brooke Partridge
Producer: Stephenie Lee
Account Management: Rahul Gupta and Christianne Pena