Imagination is the Best Medicine -Monash Children’s Hospital



DDB Melbourne and Cirkus put the power of imagination centre stage!
To celebrate the launch of and support further fundraising efforts for the new Monash Children’s Hospital Imagination Appeal, DDB Melbourne’s creative team approached us to produce an animated short, demonstrating the power of a child’s imagination.
This film invites you to join in imagining a brighter future for sick children. By donating to Monash’s Imagination Appeal you will be supporting over 100,000 children treated at the Monash Children’s Hospital every year. The new Monash Children’s Hospital has been designed to capture children’s imagination, helping them to cope and recover from their illness more quickly and with better outcomes. After all, imagination is the best medicine!
One of the largest children’s hospitals in Australia with 230 beds dedicated to the care and wellbeing of children and families of Victoria, the new Monash Children’s Hospital is so much more than a hospital. It’s a wondrous environment that heals patient’s bodies while nurturing their wild imaginations.
This emotive animated short paints a picture of an intergalactic voyage that demonstrates the power of imagination through an enthusiastic child. The animation works in harmony with the voice over, highlighting the interaction between our heroic patient and the staff as if it is being animated in real time, as well as showing that imagination is the best medicine in a child’s healing process.
Led by Human Cannonball Romain Borrel, our illustration team designed and boarded up a naïve 2D style reflecting a child’s imaginative world. Most of what you see was then built and animated in 3D, before being rendered out flat to stay true to the original 2D art.

Visit to learn more about the appeal and how you can help!
A round of applause for:
Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan
Modeling, Texturing, Rigging & Render: Sam Wheldon, Matthew Tan, Chris Lyne
Animation: Bailey Xiong, Joon Seok Yoon, Mauricio Bartok
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Live Action Director: Grantley Smith
Music & Sound Design: Nylon Studios
Music Composition: Jesse Watt
Sound Designer: Stuart Welch
Producer: Karla Henwood
Audio/VO Mixing: Gusto Music

Agency Team: DDB Melbourne
Creative: Brett Edwards, Murray Bransgrove
Production: Tuesday Picken, Sophie Simmons, Jo Alach
Account Management: Stuart Smith