Cirkus Takes Home Awards With ‘Reliance’ at 2021 kyoorius

Cirkus wins at the Kyoorius Awards 2021!

2 Baby Blue Elephant Awards for 'Animation & VFX' and 'Motion Graphics & Animation' Finalist for the AEAF 2021 Awards in the Commercials - Animation section.​
The team has come together to create three brand new unique commercials for Reliance Insurance India alongside agency Enormous.

Enormous Mumbai briefed us with a fun character-driven script Branding Reliance’s “tech with heart” Insurance.
The company takes prides in it’s smart AI supported, cost effective and smooth 24/7 service, all of which is visually represented in the three spots. We feature the friendly tech-with-heart Brobot to help various distressed people overcome their different life challenges with the power of insurance solutions.
The 2 minute film depicts Health, Car, Small Business and Travel insurance scenarios. With use of extensive 2D and 3D boarding, the Cirkus bunch was able to create a classic cause-and-effect narrative from the accidents all to its consequent and appropriate insurance solution. The 3D animated characters were all designed by Aaron Martinez.
All Characters were designed by Aaron Martinez.
From Style Frame..
Animation Director and Juggler Christian Greet designed simple 3D environments to have the multiple storylines play out enabling the character animators free reign to make this quirky scripts come to life.
To Final Render!
Wrestler James Turnbull created  fun 3D assets for the characters like this cute squashed and stretched Volkswagen-like car.
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Cirkus Team
Animation Direction and layout: Christian Greet
3D Design & Modeling: Aaron Martinez, James Turnbull &Chris Lyne
Storyboarding & 2D Animatic: Emma Southey-Ray
Rigging: Richard Maegaki & Chris Lyne
Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo (Tim) Liu, Brett Tunnicliff, Bruno Etchepare
Rendering & Composting: Christian Greet & James Turnbull
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Client: Reliance General Insurance
Agency: Enormous
Account management team: Sandeep Patwardhan, Tejashree Hardikar and Akansha Sawant
Creative directors: Shubhojit Sengupta and Manna Arnab
Music composer: Gaurab Chatterjee and Subhagata Singha (Rivu) Original music: A.R. Rehm