SCB’s First Ever Pinball Machine!

the greatest pinball machine on earth for Standard Chartered Bank!

Six Toes and TBWA Singapore commissioned us to build a Standard Chartered Bank Pinball machine to advertise unlimited cashbacks with their newest credit card. Following the script and board of TBWA’s creative team, the pinball hits and activates varying amounts of cashback in the travel, shopping and dining areas. The pinball gathers points before the targets reset and get ready to play again since the cashback is unlimited!
We had to ask ourselves: how would a craftsman design and build this gadget?
Although very much tempted to do another Airbnb, we were limited by a 4 week production turnaround so decided to create this miniature-looking contraption in full 3D animation.
The challenge at hand was figuring out how to make it real, which required a lot of attention in the 3D modeling, texturing and rendering making the pinball machine look real with all its imperfections.
In true Cirkus style, Juggler Christian Greet and Human Cannonball Romain Borrel chose to make the device “not the same”
Below are some concepts and planned diagrams done in pre-production of this project 

Cirkus Scb Pinball Dining Diagram Concept Art

The illustration team determined the machine’s layouts, mechanisms and design. By approaching the project this way, fumbling in 3D modelling was minimized and, more importantly, ensured we see the quirky human hand present in this labour of love.

character concept sheet of lady diving

Round of applause for the CGI department who created the handcrafted look in texturing, lighting and rendering.
Directors: Christian Greet, Romain Borrel
Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan, Lynn Choi
Modelling & Texturing: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Mahesh Dammoju, Courtney White, Christopher Yong, Yikai Ma, Matthew Tan
Animation: Joon Seok Yoon
Lighting & Rendering: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Mahesh Dammoju
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Executive Producer: Marko Klijn
TBWA Singapore & SixToes
Executive Creative Director: Hagan de Villiers
Creative Director: John Sheterline, Warren Quan
Art Director: Alan Choong
Copywriter: Wendy Aw
Agency Producer: Joelle Goh
Account Director: Christabel Fernandes
Account Manager: Tan Sue May
Account Executive: Eu Chuan Then
Sixtoes Producer: Haydn Evans