Alpenliebe Jelly

Alpenliebe Jelly

BBH Shanghai and Cirkus go on a treasure hunt for Alpenliebe.

BBH contacted us to organise a treasure hunt for Alpenliebe’s Alpi the Puppet and his new friend Bunny in an all new, fully 3D animated spot. This project required designing and building a new 3D look for both the characters and environments.

Following the script and brief, we set out to to design both characters and environment.

Curtain’s up for Animation Director and Human Cannonball Romain Borrel, and Illustrator and Rubberman Gabriel Romero. Working with the approved illustrations gave the 3D modelling and texturing team a great overview of the required mood and style.

Environment Concept Design

Next up – we created some 3D style frames using the 3D characters, some of the 2D environment art and some 3D stand in elements that gave the client an idea on how this could look. Each campaign needs an x factor and for the Jelly Hunt spot we put some special care into the trees, the trunk and the alpine meadow which make up the bulk of the environment.

Style Frame 1 – Alpi and Bunny running through open field.
Style Frame 2 – Bunny running through hollow log.

With the storyboard and 2D animatic approved, we moved onto create a 3D animatic. Over the following 6 weeks, we developed animation as well as populated the scene with the right 3D assets and developed the total look for the spot.

2D Animatic
3D Animatic
WIP Renders

Cirkus –
Animation Director, Layout & Compositing: Human Cannonball Romain Borrel
Storyboard & 2D Animatic: Wei Kit Yoon, Simone Linn Skorstad
Design: Rubberman Gabriel Romero
3D Modeling & Texturing: Wrestler James Turnbull, Nicole Wong, Christopher Yong, Astrid Brix Torø
3D Animation: Jester Joon Seok Yoon, Bruno Etchepare, Wei Kit Yoon
Particle Animation: Daredevil Chris Lyne
Rendering: Daredevil Chris Lyne, Wrestler James Turnbull
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff
Executive Producer: Marko Klijn

Agency – BBH Shanghai