Grand revival of the bridgestone gecko

New Bridgestone Gecko Mascot in Three Different Poses

Revival of the ol’ Gecko

The beloved Bridgestone Tyres Australia gecko mascot was due for a makeover – that’s where we came in. Milk + Honey got in touch with Cirkus for the opportunity to revive him in a fresher, livelier way for use in 4 new animated spots and as still assets. In this campaign, he dances, because what else would a gecko do?

Watch our behind-the-scenes + one of the spots: 


Concept Design – Amber Edwards

3D Modelling & Texturing – James Turnbull

Rigging & 3D Animation – Joon Seok Yoon

Poses – Christian Greet, Amber Edwards, James Turnbull

Light & Render – James Turnbull

Compositing – Christian Greet

Producers – Marko Klijn, Audee Halim

Behind-the-scenes – Audee Halim

Co-founders and CCOs – Steve JacksonAndy DiLallo
Head of Design – Ramon Rodriguez
Managing Director – Hazelle Klonhammer
Head of production – Monique Pardavi