Cirkus 2015 World Tour: Asia & Europe + Cannes Lions Festival!

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, Cirkus tours Asia & Europe. Ringmaster Marko Klijn is hitting the road with our “make it not the same” presentation to showcase how to produce quality content on budget and in time.
You lovely people will be the very first to use the Jack of All Trades VR viewer and have a peek at “The Butcher” in a virtual reality format. Exciting stuff!
Cirkus Ip Jack Of All Trade Polaroid Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
polaroid of cirkus 3d character, jack, rendered unto a live-action plate of family next to iconic singapore lion fountain
Marko has spent the last week unveiling the troupe’s latest tricks in Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, and now it is onto Europe! Next stop: Amsterdam.
Please e-mail Marko at [email protected] or Viktoria at [email protected] to see the greatest animation show on Earth!
And then it’s onto Cannes Lions, where Marko and Juggler Christian Greet will be lounging @ La Croisette beach for a catch up in the sun. Come join in!
ps: If you’d like to read about our venture into the virtual world, click here.