brand new honda streetrace with a bioluminescent fish

In September this year creative agency Rainger & Rolfe and production house In Motion approached Cirkus about a film for Honda.

For this spot, animation director Christian Greet, in conjunction with executive producer Rob Steele and the In Motion production team, beautifully captured Rainger & Rolfe ECD Kelly Putter’s idea, of a bioluminescent fish racing through town chasing the all-new Honda CR-V.

This premise, assisted with full control of camera movements, with a little CGI help, allows for an interaction like no other – a highspeed contest through night time Auckland, flashing city lights, and colourful glowing trails – a beautiful pairing from the dynamic duo: CGI x live-action. The background plates were shot within two nights as Christian and the In Motion team took to the main streets of Auckland and the Harbour Bridge. The CGI car and neon fish were then composited onto these plates.

To animate the ethereal other-worldly fish, the team dug up the ol’ CG chest for a reliable classic trick – cloth simulations. The addition of this and glowing textures, around a realistically modelled car model, resulted in the final spot – Honda: Dream Bigger

And for those interested on what’s involved behind the scenes of creating this commercial, check out our Making of below!

Nobuya Sonoda, Peter Ashley, Alana Hutt, Frances Fan, Johann Howard, Jody Bews-Hair, Nidhi Ahuja
Rainger & Rolfe
Kelly Putter, Jen Rolfe, Aaron Jacobsen, Lauren Plumb, Graham Bannister, Jasmine Monga
Wavemaker: Grant Anderson, Megan Clapham, Matias Flores
Executive Producer: Rob Steele
DOP: James Watt
Animation and Live Action Director: Christian Greet
Design & Illustration: Amber Edwards
Modelling & Texturing: Jake Tuck, James Turnbull, Arvid Schneider
3D Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Matt Pit
Lighting & Rendering: Christian Greet, James Turnbull
Compositing: Christian Greet, James Turnbull and Matt Pit.