MILBEMAX – Watch Out For An Invisible Worm City

A brand new attraction for Odelay Films and Milbemax; a worm Cirkus!

Odelay Films‘ Jeff Wood and Peter Scott reached out to us to enquire whether we would be interested building a miniature worm city beneath the grass.
Of course we were – flea circus, worm circus, it’s all the same to us.
Milbemax is protection against parasitic worms inside pet dogs and cats. Jeff temporarily joined the bigtop in Auckland to direct the spot as well as to get involved in the set build of the worm town. After designing worm characters environment, the 3D worm modelling and animation was done concurrently with the build of the miniature set, after which the live action plates and CGI animation were seamlessly put together – and it makes for quite the quirky show.

You can also see the tricky tricks performed in the ‘making of’ film:

Odelay Films (with some help from Auckland-based Eight for the filming!)
Director: Jeff Wood
Producer: Peter Lee Scott
DOP: Duncan Cole
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Storyboarding and Design: Anna Lee & Rebecca Tan
3D Modelling & Texturing: Rebecca Black & James Turnbull
Rigging: Richard Maegaki
Animation: Mauricio Bartok & Brett Tunnicliff
Set Build: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan, Merith de Haas, Bailey Xiong & Jeff Wood
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff