Sarova Experiencity – A New Development Plan

Enormous and Cirkus experience a Sarova City

Our friends at Enormous tasked us to animate the story of a boy and a girl enjoying the safe environment of the Sarova Experiencity, a new development planned for the greater Mumbai area.
How to deliver the animation within a tight 4.5 weeks timeframe? We decided to use simple black-and-white 3D animation on simple, flat characters and a naïve, illustrated background. This enabled us to spend most of the time on the character animation to capture the feel-good emotion of the script.

Agency – Enormous:
Creative Team: Shubhojit Sengupta, Prathishta Bhardwaj
Senior Account Director: Mansi Jain
Cirkus –
Animation Director, Rendering & Compositing: Juggler Christian Greet.
Design & Illustration: Julianna Feng
Storyboarding & 2D Animatic: Wei Kit Yoon
3D Animation: Jester Joon Seok Yoon, Puppet Master Tim Shu Liu, Chad Hall, Bruno Etchepare, Brett Tunnicliff, Krit Tassanaruck
2D Animation: Chris Maguren, Ty Jepsen
Producer: Marko Klijn