Teaming with Advertising Agency McGarryBowen ex Chicago, Cirkus completed their first US Campaign producing 5 spots and a Director’s Cut for Sears.

Cirkus’ Animation Director and Juggler Christian Greet travelled to Prague and Cape Town to supervise the filming of the live action green screen plates. We then fully integrated these with CGI to create a whimsical environment that the Sears products were placed amongst. Cirkus edited and designed each spot individually whilst maintaining an overall texture and look of a paper cut out world of the campaign as a whole.

Nice one all around for the Cirkus team –
Animation & Design Director: Christian Greet
Pre-viz & Animation: Monkey Matt Pitt, Dan Harris
Asset Design: Fortuneteller Kylie He
Lighting & Rendering: Layne Howe
Edit & Compositing: Sandesh Codhadu
Roto & Prep: Lawrence Chandam and Joon Seok Yoon
Executive Producer: David Hofflich

A combination of good communication and dedicated teams from Sears, McGarryBowen Chicago and Cirkus kept the workflow going smoothly over an approximately 4 month production schedule.
Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley
Group Creative Director: Kevin Thoem
Creative: Alison Brown
Art Director: Allison Miller
Copywriter: Kelly Jenkins
Producer: Katie Roach
Associate Producer: Jessica Murray

Christian also teamed up with Director Matthäus Bussmann who shot the additional footage to create this Brand TVC featuring a beautifully crafted dream world made from paper cut-outs with beautiful people, lovely kids surrounded by hot-air balloons and all sorts of magic! Happiness!