Shangri-La "World of Warmth"

Shangri-La "World of Warmth"

Cirkus conjures up a World of Warmth for Shangri-La! 
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong commissioned Cirkus to kick off the 2015 holiday season with an enchanting animated series counting down the days to Christmas. Watch how Cirkus created a World of Warmth for the Christmas Star!

Ogilvy’s Creative team came up with the idea to create an animated version of the traditional advent calendar, about a little Christmas Star who sets off on an adventurous journey to a wonderful place called Earth. This December, a new instalment of our tale, ‘A World of Christmas Warmth’ will be uploaded to Instagram and WeChat every day in the lead up to Christmas.

The 25 day story follows the Christmas Star as it leaves its home in the night sky, and travels around the world to different Shangri-La destinations, finding warmth and welcome wherever he goes. Each day takes our travelling Star to a new location, and to new friends. The story ends on Christmas Day with the star going back up into the sky, returning to his family.

Director Romain Borrel and the international Cirkus troupe designed beautiful backdrops and characters. Once everyone was happy, these designs were then 3D modeled and animated, whilst maintaining the illustrative style.

The partnership of Marshall Smith at The Sound Room and esteemed Chinese composer Jianping Zou gives this campaign its signature twinkly and magical audio branding.

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Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Elayne Chan, Awesta Rogh, Rebecca Tan
Modeling: James Turnbull, Matthew Tan, Stevan Petrovic, Daniel Hiew
Rigging: Sagar Rajan Lonkar, Priyan Jayamaha
Animation: Shuo (Tim) Liu, Joon Seok Yoon, Ty Jepsen, Michael Hall, Priyan Jayamaha
Compositing: Sandesh Codhadu
Producers: Viktoria Fortune, Puteri Raja Ariff
Composer: Jianping Zou
Sound and Music: Marshall Smith, Tom Fox ex The Sound Room

Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong Team
CCO: Reed Collins
Creative Director: Sarah-Leith Izzard
ACD: Mike Pearson, Richard Sorensen
Producer: Ali Loveday, Mikyung Kim
Art Director: Kitty Tang
Writer: Amy Thompson
Social: Rina Hiranand, Michael Wong, Didi Wei, Maria Mei
Account Servicing: Maria Delamain, Antony Hung

Client: Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts