SPIKES ASIA 2017: An Exciting Show and Tell

Countdown to Cirkus’ show and tell at festival of creativity, Spikes Asia!

This Thursday 28th September @ 15.00 Cirkus’ Juggler Christian Greet and Ringmaster Marko Klijn will perform their ‘Make it not the same: Digitally Handcrafted’ workshop at Spikes‘ Makers Lab.
This new presentation in Cirkus’ ongoing “make it not the same” series showcases what it takes to give animation a real and handcrafted feel. With all the slick CGI-enhanced feature films being pumped out at a mind-blowing rate, many of us stop and take notice of the intimate realistic craft of a film like Kubo and the Two Strings. The session will highlight how the craft of stop motion was replaced by CGI.
Lately, however, perception is changing as CGI renders similar approaches and many studios, directors and creatives alike now want the visual to look real and tactile. We will examine how going cold turkey and shooting stop motion, combining real miniatures with CGI, or applying realistic texture to CGI are the ways to do this.
If you’re interested in what digital handcraft can do to make a visual that’s fresh and new, this session will explain the Cirkus way; simple and effective.

We hope to meet you there!

Click here for more info: https://www.spikes.asia/festival-programme/#/make-it-not-the-same-digitally-handcrafted