The Butcher – Enters virtual Reality

Jack the Butcher has moved his shop into the virtual world!

Cirkus has dipped its toes into the exciting new realm of virtual reality and have rendered out Episode 2 of the Jack of All Trades series, “The Butcher”, into a virtual reality format.
There are 3 ways for you to watch this trippy version of The Butcher: YouTube, Kolor Eyes and Oculus.
Head on over to this page on the JOAT website for links to each player, as well as information on how to view the film using your smart phone!
1. YouTube – You can view the movie on YouTube through any web browser on your computer or phone. Just press play, and away you go
2. Kolor Eyes – Using your smart phone and a pair of cardboard virtual reality viewers, you can stream the movie through this app.
3. Oculus – Download the 4k version of the film and watch it with an Oculus Rift.
And should a cardboard VR viewer be required for all this awesomeness, we’ve got some special edition Jack of All Trades VR viewers handy!
To those who encounter Ringmaster Marko Klijn on his journey in Asia and Europe whilst en route to Cannes Lions 2015 or are on the Little Black Book Guest List during the festival, you may even be able to get your hands on one!

Below is a video showing you how to build the JOAT VR viewer. It’s easy as!