NSCS "Take A Moment. Take A Look."

NSCS "Take A Moment. Take A Look."

Encore for NSCS!

Hogarth & Ogilvy and Singapore’s NSCS enlisted Cirkus’ eyeballs once again to perform in 3 additional fully character animated films. Continuing on from 2016’s ‘Spot it. Stop It’ campaign, this time NSCS encourages Singaporeans to ‘Take a Moment. Take a Look’.

Human Cannonball Romain Borrel raised the bar and pushed the Cirkus troupe to craft spots featuring even more characters and environments to convey that an emergency requires awareness and vigilance. This BIG show required many Cirkus performers to create the environments and many character passes, whilst maintaining the high quality renders to create the campaign’s colourful and tactile style.

In all of these spots – with each featuring a busy MRT station, a K-Pop concert and an office – the Eyeball characters evaluate what they would do in an emergency.

Despite a serious message the Agency and Cirkus team managed for the spots to have lots of humour. We have introduced characters such as Exit Man into the fold for ‘Safety Train-ing’ and the K-Pop band in ‘Eye Opener’; we also brought back Kiasu Auntie for some slapstick moments in “No Frills Drill”.

Thanks again to the H&O team for bringing us on board – this has been so much fun to work on!

Cirkus Team
Animation Director: Romain Borrel
Storyboarding & Design: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan
Modelling & Texturing: James Turnbull, Sam Wheldon, Courtney White, Ajinkya Rajbhoj
Rigging: Shuo (Tim) Liu, Sam Wheldon, Richard Maegaki
2D Animation: Ty Jepsen
3D Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo (Tim) Liu, Brett Tunnicliff, Mauricio Bartok, Brenda Casillas, Grace Hertatri, Bruno Etchepare
Lighting & Rendering: James Turnbull, Sam Wheldon, Courtney White, Grace Hertatri
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Hogarth & Ogilvy Singapore Team
Executive Creative Director: Shayne Pooley
Head of Art: AikLeng Tan
Head of Copy: Nicholas Cocks
Senior TV Producer: Sharon Leong
Project Manager: Tengku Nikman

Ogilvy Engage, Ogilvy Public Relations, Singapore
Michelle Li
Liyana Soh
Claudio Chock
Xiaoqi Heng
Lins Khoo